Well, I made a little deal with myself that I'd try to write something every night before going to bed. A silly little idea that I had, thinking that maybe it would help me sleep. So, we'll see. I figure, I gave up diet coke over four weeks ago, I should at least be able to keep the blog going on day two.

I thought a lot today about this blog and what I was looking to get out of writing it. I certainly like the idea of entertaining others with my words. But, I also think it's theraputic for me to get all these ideas out of my head.

About entertaining others with my words.... My grandfather was a master of puns and word play. Pop Pop Al, as his 4 great grandchildren called him, was a very well known dermatologist that practiced well into his late 80s. He charmed peopled his whole life. He was a master story teller and just loved telling the same jokes over and over. I think I inherited my love of words from him. Ever since I was younger, I loved writing new lyrics for songs. Now, I know that they are called parodies, but for years at camp talent shows I would create my own lyrics for my camp group to sing. A couple of years ago, I found a website where people post their parodies, so I posted a bunch there...I used the name Laurie Alexander in homage to my grandfather whose first name was Al(exander).
I wrote the parodies because I have no musical talent to speak of, unless you count my being Peter Pan in a camp play in 1979. I think I got the part because I had the Sandy Duncan hairdo. And, Myra (I think that was her name), my bunkmate, was mad at me for days for getting the role since she had been Dorothy in the previous summer's production of "The Wizard of Oz".

More recently, I wrote lyrics for two songs that have no music to accompany them. I guess that really makes them poems and not songs. Songs waiting to happen. Each of the songs bookends the same relationship. The one I wrote at the end of the relationship is much better than the one I wrote at the beginning. Is that because it was written from a place of looking back? I wrote it in about three minutes which probably means that the lyrics and idea are either very good or very bad. I guess on the one hand, it could be viewed as a "boy done me wrong" song, but it really is more about expectations and coming to terms with love lost. I've shared the poem/song with some friends who have said the lyrics are sad.

The lyrics initially came from a place of sadness as they were written just a week or so after then end of the relationship. But, the lyrics are not bitter, at least I hope they don't seem that way to the reader (or the listener if they words are ever put to music). When I read the words now, they make me smile thinking of the memories. I can still feel elements of the sadness that led to their being put "pen to paper" (or typed into Microsoft Word), but the lyrics also bring a smile to my face.

As a tangential thought, on my way into work this morning, I was thinking about my favorite type of serendipity....the sort where you want something to happen, have it in your power to make it happen, but don't, and then, it happens anyway.

Once again, I've typed a lot and don't think I've really said anything. LOL. I hope I've at least amused one of my two followers. Or, have spurred you on to think about something in a different way.

And, on that note, I'm going to hit the hay and wish you all a good night filled with sweet dreams...

Until my next post, wishing you all lots of sweetness and serendipity.....


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