Serendipity and my sweet Master J

You will all laugh, I'm sure, but I never realized that Master was with equivalent of Miss in terms of addressing something to a young boy until my son, Master J (aka JEH, bugaboo, kiddo, and J Man) was born. I guess I never thought about it. I was never a boy and he was my first son, so it just never came up. While I'm on the subject, I was about 21 when I realized why a U-Haul is so named. LOL. It's sort of surprising, given my affininty for word play, that I didn't pick up on that sooner.

Getting back to Master J. He's the light of my life. He's the cause of my gray hairs. He makes me laugh like you wouldn't believe. He's brought a few wrinkles to my forehead. But, most of all, being around him,warms me from the inside out.

This morning, on the one mile car ride from our house to school, he said "Friday is the best day because there isn't any homework." After a brief pause, he added "And, Saturday is the best day for a kid, because there's no work to do." Amen, kiddo. Amen.

Every morning the past week or so, he's run into my room asking for me to look up the basketball scores (currently the NBA playoffs). His reactions of excitement "Yessss!!!!" (said while pumping his fist in the air) surprise when the underdog wins (What, really?)or disappointment (Oh, man)bring a smile to my face from the sheer enthusiasm he brings to his newfound interest.
I was home at my parents' house about a month ago for Passover. Whenever we're there, he always goes into my parents' room and wakes my mom up in the morning. One morning on this past trip, my mom got him set up with breakfast and then walked away for a few minutes. When, she came back, he had gone through the paper, opened up the sports pages, and was reading the game results and statistics. I do my newspaper reading online, so I hadn't seen him do that before. But, I know he eagerly awaits the arrival of his Sports Illustrated Kids magazine.

UGH.....I just wrote a whole bunch of stuff and my computer froze when publishing it and it's all lost :(

That is not serendipity.

I wrote about how J-Man was into baseball when he was 2 yrs old. He knew all the baseball teams by logo, team name and city. He would stun passersby in baseball hats when he'd call out the name on the team on his hat.

He created this whole get-up, where he was dressed as a catcher. First, he'd put on two baseball hats, both on backwards. With one, he'd pull the strap thing below his nose (like a catacher's mask). He'd put on a bib. Grab his mitt and crouch down in a perfect catchers squat. I got a great picture of the first time he did it. It still makes me smile.

We had baseball cards and hats all over the house. When we moved, there were probably 50 or so cards that had fallen between the wood frame of his bed and the wall. He would also stack 6 or 7 hats on the top of his head and walk around the house. Anyone remember the book "Caps for Sale". That was his favorite book for a while.

Hat was his first word, which he uttered at about 11 months. He'd point and say "hat" whenever he saw someone wearing a hat. It was really cute.

I guess he took a sabbatical on his interest in sports for a few years, but over the last 6 months or so, has really become interested. He's also asking me to look up scores or some player's rookie year. He remembers every tidbit that he reads or hears.

He's really quite amazing. And, sweet too. Yesterday, he had a playdate over. They were playing Battleship. Kiddo was sitting on the floor and his friend was sitting on the couch with his board resting on his lap. I knew that was a potentially "iffy" situation, but I didn't say anything. Sure enough about 15 min into the game, the board slipped from his lap and the red and white pegs went everywhere, including under the couch. Those suckers can really roll on hardwood floors. It was nearing the end of the playdate and I happened to be in a dress and heels because I was dropping the friend off back home, J Man and Paul's for the rest of the weekend and heading up to Baltimore for a fundraiser. So, here I am, all dressed up picking up Battleship pegs. The boys were helping, too. There were a few under the couch that I couldn't reach. I said, "Let me move the couch." J-Man said, "No. Wait. I have an idea." He took one of his 6 light sabers and reached the out-of-reach pegs.

Anyway, I don't think this re-writing of the blog was as good as the one that vanished, but oh well.

It's time for me to go out walking. It's supposed to rain later, so I don't want to wait too long.

Also, I slept until 8:01am. I actually did a double take and said "Really?" when I looked at the clock.

One that note, I'm going to sign off and remind you that serendipity may be just around the corner.


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