It's about time to start blogging again.'s been about 5 months since I went on my week-long blogging binge. I realized recently that the last time I really slept well consistently was that week back in April when I blogged every night before going to bed.

So, tonight is the Jewish New Year. Today, if going by the Hebrew Calendar, is a year since my divorce became final (after an almost 3 and a half year process). If counting by the Julian calendar, the year is up on Yom Kippur....Saturday, Sept. 18th.

So, while watching a baseball game (and sorry for those that saw this on my Facebook status), Jeremy asked me to update that it was Roberto Clemente Day. In my update, I shared a quote that I have long had (well for 2 or so years) in my Facebook profile by Clemente....

'Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth.'

This is a great thought for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and therein lies the serendipity of this blog...thanks to my bugaboo, Jeremy.

For people that know me well or followed my Facebook statuses, I just finished (at least for now) a long summer of "working" with Jeremy's elementary school (LES) and the Montgomery County Public School system (MCPS)to ensure that he gets the services/supports that he needs to meet the requirements of school. Without rehasing all the details, after a long summer, I did receive the services that I wanted for Jeremy...largely in part to the support of my wonderful sister who practices Educational Advocacy Law up in NY and an awesome organization here in MD that she knew of (that was a really bad sentence, but I've now been awake for 20 hrs straight). I must say (if I can toot my own horn...I figure it's my blog, if I can toot my horn anywhere, it's here).

Anyway,as I said, I did end up with what Jeremy needs. However, I'm still feeling unsettled by the whole experience. It's just not enough to me that he got what he needs. I know how hard I fought. I know had more support and guidance than most. I know how I got the runaround from both the school and the county. I can't just sit back and not do something about it. I wrote a letter to the school for Jeremy's file. But, it can't stop there. They'll just tuck it away. I need to do more. I plan to talk to my attorney about ways to get involved to help other parents understand their rights and the different types of services that are available for their children.

After Jeremy asked me to post that it is Roberto Clemente Day, I thought about his quote and how true it is. I know everyone is busy and has commitments, but there's always more time to help. Two things come to is a quote from the movie "Hotel Rwanda" where Paul Rusesabagina says (as busloads of people approach the hotel) "There's always room for one more". I just googled his name to make sure I was spelling it right and found it comforting that his birthday is the day after mine. Silly things like have meaning to me. The other thing that happened recently is that a friend sent out an email regarding a woman that she is mentoring. She was asking for some material goods for the woman who has a young child and is pregnant with a second...and doing it all on her own. I don't have many items for young children anymore, but I did offer my services in the HR realm if she needed them.

I think it's all about paying it forward. Sure, we need to acknowledge the things that people do to help us, but sometimes, it's taking that feeling of being a recipient of good will and passing that along to someone else.

So, on this anniversary of my divorce, a day that is celebrating a man who epitomized pure goodness, and at the start of the Jewish New Year, and a new day for all regardless of your beliefs, I wanted to wish everyone all the happiness and serendipity that life has to offer. Be open to the possiblilites that are out there. Make yourself and others a priority. The rewards will be amazing.

Hugs and kisses and good wishes to everyone!


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