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So, after my last post, I still wasn't satisfied with the way my blog looked.  When I reviewed other people on blogger, I saw all these cute blogs from The Cutest Blog on the Block and Hot Bilggity Blog.  So I searched those sites (a tad bit nervous as to whether I'd  be able to get one to work.  I saw one that I liked.  Brown and of my favorite color combinations.  When I went to download it, I saw it was called "Sererndipity."  Done!  I really like the way it looks.  I may still have to play with it to see if I can get more white space, but I really like the way it works.  YAY!  I will NOT be changing this.

So, it's been a good weekend so far.  Went for a nice walk yesterday morning.  Hung out. Took Jeremy to Hall of Fame Cards for an autograph signing thing.  Greivis Vasquez.  He played at University of Maryland and is now on New Orleans Hornets.  He played the Memphis Grizzlies his first year in the NBA.  It was a nice turnout.  $25 per autograph, but Jeremy had fun.  We got this cute picture...

It was sort of cute.  For many other people, Greivis stood up for the picture.  But, for Jeremy, he stayed seated.  He's 6'6".  He was very nice and really took a close look at the Jersey Card that Jeremy brought to get the signature.  It was cute because it seemed like Greivis had never seen that particular card.

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon.

Then came home to a yummy dinner (Crockpot Shredded Pork), a few rounds of Wii American Idol, and a good night's sleep (which for me is a big thing).

OK, now off to to take Jeremy to Hebrew School (sort of funny as a follow up to last night's dinner) and go for a walk.  Then, I think he wants to make doughnut muffins.

Fun lies ahead!!!


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