Ski Weekend

I just got back from a great two days of skiing at Wisp (in the Deep Creek Lake area).  What an awesome time.  I am totally hooked on skiing.  It's probably close to my baking fanaticism, but it's not as easy or convenient to do every day.

I skied a handful of times growing up.  I was a competitive figure skater, so that's where I spent a lot of time.  I first skied as an adult in December of 2009.  The guy I was dating a the time is a lawyer during the week and a ski instructor on the weekends.  We went a weekend in December and I was hooked.  We ended up only dating a few weeks after that initial ski weekend, but I was hooked.  Shortly after we broke up, I signed up for ski trip to Elk Mountain which is near Scranton.  It was a blast.  That was the winter known in the DC area as Snowmaggedan.  There was an insane amount of snow which lent itself very well to the budding skiing addiction.

Fast forward to December 2010.  It ended up being another winter filled with snow.  It was great.  Between mid-December and mid-February, I skied every weekend.  Among a handful of day trips, I spent a weekend at Wisp and two weekends at Elk, which is most definitely my favorite mountain so far.

As soon as ski season ended in early 2011, I was counting the months until ski season started again.  I waited and I waited.  After two great winters, winter 2011-2012 was very mild and I didn't even making it to a mountain until early January.  I skied two times at Liberty which is a small, but great, mountain about an hour from my house.  I did two day trips there and then...finally, a ski weekend.  I was going to go back to Elk, but the warm weather left me uncertain about whether the conditions would warrant the 4 hour drive each way.

So, we decided to go to Wisp instead.  We had two great days of skiing.  Day two was colder and decidedly better than day one.  I hope to go back in two weeks.  It really makes a difference skiing two days in a row.  It gives me time to hit and more importantly retain my groove.

There really is nothing better than racing (albeit not that fast) down the mountain.  My years of skating has served me well in terms of balance, shifting weight, and holding an edge.  But, the experience of shushing down the mountain can't be beat.

I hope Mother Nature is on my side in keeping it cold and bring lots more snow for two weeks from now.

I know this was a rather boring entry, but I hadn't written anything in a while and so I just decided to type something up.


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