Snowy (sort of) Saturday

So, what's up with the warm weather this winter?  It's really putting a damper on my skiing obsession.  I skied a handful of times growing up, but then not until 2 years ago (when I was 41).  I was immediately hooked.  I skated competitively, so certain aspects came naturally to me...shifting weight, keeping balance, feeling the edges of the skis.  But, what I really get a charge out of is the speed.  The adrenaline of going fast. And, going downhill fast.

When I told my dad that I had started skiing again, he made a comment that I was fearless when I went skiing as a kid.  I don't remember that, and I definitely don't think I was fearless when I started up again.  I got spoiled.  The first winter with my renewed passion as Winter 2009-2010.  Here in the DC area, it was now as Snowmagedden.  There was a seriously abundance of snow.  It snowed so much that all the shoveled snow from in front of my townhouse was about two inches higher than my 5'1" frame.  Boy, was that a good workout shoveling the snow over my head.
Last winter (2010-2011) was similarly snowy and I skied every weekend from mid-December through the end of February.  It was awesome.  I really hit a grove and I felt like I knew knew what I was doing.  From the time ski season ended, I was counting the months, weeks, and days (didn't quite get down to hours) until ski season.  Early December, nada.  Mid-December, zilch.  End of December-A teensy bit.  I did finally go skiing towards the end of January.  It was a cold day and the mostly snowblower blown snow was in great condition, but other than that, the ground below the lifts was brown/green. I went skiing the following weekend with Jeremy and it was warm and slushy, but still fun.

So, today, it's kinda snowing, kinda raining.  But, it's cold.  Which is good. I hope it stays through the week.  I have plans to head up to Elk Mountain in the Poconos next weekend.  Granted I haven't skied many places, but of the places I have been, it's my favorite.  My favorite trail is Ace's Run at Wisp.  There's nothing overwhelming special about this run.  It's sort of at the edge of the resort.  It's not particularly challenging, but it's where I hit my groove.  Somewhere, in the first few carved turns, it all clicked for me.  I think I skied Ace's Run 4 or 5 times in a row.  It was so cool.  What's also neat is that my boyfriend was skiing behind me and he said that he saw the switch turn when I hit my groove.

So, on this (sort of )snowy Saturday in the middle of February, I hope it snows some more.  But, I hope it stays cold.  I need to get on the slopes next weekend and hit that groove.


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