So, I've had this blog going (under this new name) for two weeks now. And, there have been about 4 main iterations of the layout. It became a bit of an obsession working my way through different templates and backgrounds. I think I found one that I like, but still working on getting the formatting "just so". It's amazing how easy it is to lose time by working on laying out a blog. It should be blahg, blahg, blahg. Ah...that should be the name of my next post.

Again, I don't have a particularly enthralling topic to write about. But, write I will. I do think it helps me sleep. Helps to get all the swirling thoughts out of my head before trying to sleep.

I'm in one of those sort of frustrated modes. A lot of little things. Nothing really of consequence, but all the little things just swirling around.

This may sound pathetic, but sometimes I get so tired of doing things for other people. Sure that's my role as a mother and the a basic fact of my job in Human Resources. I'm there for other people. It's what I do. And, I do it pretty well.

So, then, am I ungrateful or insincere if I wish that sometimes someone would do something for me? Even at work, I feel that it's not reciprocal. I think sometimes I present myself as independent. I guess it's less of an issue at work. I mean, it's work. But, still, just because I'm in HR, a service oriented job, doesn't mean that people should cooperate, right?

I'm a single mom, so it's not right for me to expect my son (he's 10) to take care of me. I'm not asking for that. But, just because it looks like I have everything under control and don't ask for help, doesn't mean that I don't need it.

Sigh....ok. I should stop while I'm ahead here. A post like this isn't likely to help me sleep.


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