So, another Pinterest inspired endeavor.  Laurie-made Butterfingers.  When I first saw this 3 ingredient only recipe, I was a bit bit off, but then I thought about it.  And, thought about it some more and went to the store and bought candy corn. Yes.  Candy corn is one of the three ingredients in DIY Butter fingers.  The other two...Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

In the other write-ups I read, people consistently commented that the taste is spot on for the store bought version, but that the consistency was chewier.  I agree with both comments.  I saw one blogger say that she added crushed Rice Krispies and that addressed the crunchy consistency.  I had already gone to the store when I read about adding the cereal, so I'll have to try that next time.  And, I'll definitely be making them again.

Also, this was the first time that I ever used Chocolate Bark.  I was amazed at how easy it melted and how smooth it was.  For a reference point, out of a package with 12 pieces of bark, I used 7 pieces to coat all the filling pieces.

DIY Butterfingers

 I need to get better about taking pictures of all the steps as I go...I didn't take a picture of the melted candy corn which actually looked kind of cool.


  • 16 oz of Candy Corn
  • 16 oz jar of Creamy Peanut Butter 
  • Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Bark (Melted)
  1. Put the Candy Corn in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 60 seconds. (You can also do this in a pan on the stove).
  2. Stir and and continue to heat/stir in 30 second increments until completed melted.
  3. Add the peanut butter and stir until combined
  4. Pour the mixture into a 8x8 or 9x9 baking dish lined with waxed paper
  5. Let cool completely
  6. Cut into desired size/shape
  7. Melt the chocolate (a small deep bowl works well so you can totally submerge the filling)
  8. Use a for to lower the filling into the chocolate. Lightly shake the fork or tap against the side of the bowl to remove any excess chocolate.
  9. Place the coated center on a piece of wax paper until set.

Center waiting to be coated....

All dressed up and ready to go!


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