A Time to Write

I seem to be so stop and go with blogging.  It's been six months since I've written anything.  I always seem to come back to the blog when I go through especially bad bouts of insomnia.  This stretch has been particularly bad.

It started on August 11th.  I was in a car accident.  I had been home from the beach  less than 24 hours.  I was supposed to go see Abba at Wolftrap on August 12th.  I stopped at Fresh Market to get some food for the picnic-ing part of the concert.  I was at a full stop at a red light.  I had been fully stopped for about 5-7 seconds when a car plowed into me.  The driver didn't try to stop or slow down.  I know it could have been much worse, but it's still been a hassle and it's left me shaken.  My car, though it didn't necessarily look all that bad, was totaled.  So, I had to get a new car 6 months after I finished paying off the old car.  Had I not paid the car off early over the last 5-6 months.  I would have just made my last payment a few days before the accident.  Again, it really could have been a lot worse, but it's still lousy.

Though I haven't posted any baking entries, I have been baking up a storm lately.  My latest and greatest find has been a recipe for a Cornbread Loaf, a la Le Bus (a restaurant that was near Penn while I was a student).  Maybe one day soon I'll have time to post the recipet (but, I didn't take any pictures.)   I guess that I will have to make it again soon and take pictures.

Anyway, this post is neither here nor there with anything of substance, but I know when I first starting blogging I slept well after writing.

Maybe I'll get back into this, but since I have been studying for the CEBS, I don't really have time to blog.

Goodnight, blogland.


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