I inherited the cooking/baking bug from my paternal grandmother (aka Grandma Ethel).  My favorite memory of being in the kitchen with her was while making what she called 'Grandma's Roses".  They are essentially a version of fried dough. When she passed away in 1999, my dad found drawers full of recipes which we poured over.  She must have really had the knack for the kitchen because the recipes were imprecise at best in terms of the measurements and methods.  

Sharing recipes (both giving and receiving) is rewarding in a very basic and homey way.  Baking and cooking are tied to memories of people, events, and of specific times in my life.  Writing about my adventures in the kitchen will serve to "bottle the moment" of the day!  I hope you enjoy reading through the recipes (you do just sit and read recipes for fun, right?).  I also look forward to virtually collecting recipes shared by you! 

Cookie Recipes
Mandelbred     Marble Fudge Cookies

Brownie, Blondie, and Bar Recipes
Valentine's Day Ice Cream Brownie  

Muffins, Loafs, Quickbreads, and Coffee Cakes  
Gingerbread Loaf

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